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10 Best Restaurants in Havana, Cuba

February 4, 2022

Food in Cuba is full of flavor, creativity and diversity. Those who do not highlight food in Cuba as one of the best parts of their trips are not eating at the right places.

Here’s our list of best restaurants in Havana, Cuba:

1. El Del Frente

Classic Cuban dishes with a modern twist – El Del Frente is great for lunch or dinner. Enjoy the retro interior on the main floor or take the winding staircase up to the rooftop offering sunshine and an energetic atmosphere. We recommend ordering a bit of everything to share. Try the tostones, fried yucca or fish tacos. And don’t forget the drinks! Watermelon mojitos, strawberry banana daiquiris, frozen piña coladas and more – all made from fresh fruit and juices.

2. La Guarida

This gem makes it onto every list for good reason. Its rustic feels and decaying colonial grandeur will take you back to the romance of 1920s Cuba. Take a slow stroll up its famous stairway, stopping for the inevitable photo opp, then take a seat on one of its multiple terraces overlooking the city and enjoy their international menu, where all cravings are sure to be satisfied.

3. La Bodega

In the courtyard of La Reserva, a five-star boutique hotel in Vedado, La Bodega offers garden views and some of the best food in Cuba. Order the frozen daiquiri de piña (pineapple daiquiri), ceviche en un aguacate (ceviche in an avocado), bastones de berenjena con salsa de vinagre de chocolate (eggplant with a chocolate vinaigrette) and ropa vieja tostones.

4. Yarini

With views of the city, live music and the most extensive cocktail menu in Havana, Yarini provides dinner and a one-of-a-kind atmosphere. Don’t be surprised to see up-and-coming artists and musicians at the table next to you. Yarini is the spot to be any day of the week.

5. Jama

Looking for a break from traditional Cuban flavors? Jama offers a taste of Asia. From the owner of El Del Frente and O’Reilly 304, enjoy sushi, stir fry and fun cocktails at this hip restaurant in Old Havana.

6. La Corte Del Principe

A local spot for some of the best Italian food on the island. La Corte del Principe has lured stars like Katy Perry and Ben Affleck. Offering a diverse selection of wine, Italian appetizers and traditional pasta, there is something for everyone at La Corte Del Principe.

Photo Credit: La Corte Del Principe

7. El Idilio

Little known by tourists, El Idilio is a quiet spot in the neighborhood of Vedado with amazing food and friendly service. Everything is made to order allowing you to slow down and reflect on your travels. The seating spans from a covered back porch to the driveway of a local home. Try the lobster or grilled catch of the day.

8. Paco’s Mar

A small restaurant with a lively atmosphere and incredible dishes. We recommend ordering multiple small plates to share. The ceviche, croquetas, meatballs and shrimp tacos are just a few of our favorites.

9. Mercaderes

Serving traditional Cuban dishes as well as international cuisine, Mercaderes is perfect for dinner. The first-floor dining room is unique and luxurious with antiques and lavish decor. Enjoy live music while you eat as local musicians serenade you.

10. Grados

Surrounded by tropical plants and the fresh breeze, savor dishes in the home of a talented chef that you may meet at this Cuba restaurant. Grados offers a more local atmosphere, but the food is high quality in both taste and presentation.

Photo Credit: Grados


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