Cuban People
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Cuban People

“Coming to Cuba and not meeting her people, her culture, her joy, her sorrows and problems wouldn’t be authentic. Cuba isn’t just rum, cigars and music.”

The Story of Cuba

The story of Cuba has been passed from generation to generation, shared amongst the locals and embedded in tradition and culture. The island reveals pages and chapters to eager travelers with a desire to understand and learn more about the country’s past and present, but it is not until you speak to the people and access the most interesting characters that the story becomes clear. 

Cuba is unlike any other place with unmatched talent and reduced barriers to access that talent. Without secluded residences like the Hamptons or Hollywood, cutting edge designers, world-renowned artists and decorated athletes can be reached in a way that is unique to Cuba with the help of a trusted insider like Cuba Candela. Over the years, we have formed relationships with inspiring characters in Cuba who open their homes and hearts to us and our travelers.

some of the unique characters that you'll meet