Our Promise
Committed to You

Our Promise

Our promise is a commitment to you that we are who we say we are: A leading provider of trips to Cuba and much more. We take our promises seriously and are held accountable by each one of our guests.
“Beyond expectations! Our time in Cuba with Cuba Candela was thought-provoking, eye-opening, preconceived-notion challenging, awe-inspiring, and FUN! Everything that I want out of travel.”
Cathy K.
With us, you are always in good hands
Safety is our number one priority

We take care of you from the time you arrive until the moment you leave. Our travelers are well prepared and in good hands. 

Our trips comply with U.S. law

All of our trips fall under the Support for the Cuban People license and are fully compliant with U.S. law. 

We have a 24-hour response time

Whether you are hoping to talk with our founder Chad or one of our Experience Designers, we are always available and there when you need us.

All payments are online and secure

We accept U.S. credit cards for tour payments, offering you an additional layer of protection guarantees.

Your travel is protected

In the unlikely event that your trip is canceled due to a U.S. policy change in travel licensing, we will provide you with a 100% refund, guaranteed.

Committed to exceeding your expectations

We promise to eliminate the stress of travel planning

The excitement of traveling to a new destination should not be overshadowed by the stress of planning. Leave the planning to us! We take care of every detail and provide you with all the information you need to have a successful and carefree trip.

“Literally the first vacation I’ve ever taken where I didn’t have to plan a thing or be in charge of anything which was fabulous in my book! Definitely five stars all the way around!”
Charlene G

We promise to treat you like family

In addition to building trips of a lifetime, we build meaningful connections with all of our guests. We promise to welcome every guest into the Candela Family with open arms. We will share our traditions with you, be there for you and constantly spoil you.

We promise to deliver experiences that you cannot plan on your own

Our insider knowledge and local partnerships allow us to take you beyond the tourist façade and discover Cuba in the most authentic and genuine way. We have created our own exclusive experiences from visiting a local tobacco farm in Viñales and drinking coffee with the three generations of farmers who live there to learning about the journey of a tattoo artist who opened his own shop in Central Havana. Each itinerary is designed to show you the real Cuba.

“A unique experience and every part immersive as you can get. Learning about this incredible city and its people was a true adventure. This is not your average tour by any means. Prepare to be stimulated mind, body, and spirit by this outstanding journey through the very heart of Havana, Cuba! Thank you, Cuba Candela for sharing the seen & hidden beauty of this captivating city!”
Lora R.

We promise you will meet inspiring locals

The feeling of global unity that surfaces when people from different cultures and backgrounds come together is powerful and often one of the most inspiring reasons to travel. During your trip, you will meet private business owners, up and coming artists, local musicians and more. We encourage you to truly get to know the locals, for a richer and more meaningful experience. The connections you make will be genuine and inspire you long after you leave the island.

We promise your trip will leave a positive impact on Cuba and the world

For every trip we sell, we directly support over 30 Cuban entrepreneurs and donate aa portion of each trip costs to support Caritas Cuba’s mission of protecting and helping the most vulnerable people in Cuba. Our desire to make a positive impact in Cuba, and the world, is one of the founding principles of the company, driven by Chad’s vision to make a 360-degree impact. Because of you, that vision prevails.