Dedicated Team
Meet Our

Dedicated Team

Headquartered in Miami, our team extends across the Straits of Florida to the island of Cuba, located just 90 miles from Key West. Though we are spread across two countries, the Cuba Candela team is one big family united by our mission and values, a passion for sharing Cuba with travelers and a dedication to high-quality service and unique experiences.

Our Mission

Connect travelers to one another and to an inspiring local culture through unique experiences and personalized service, while empowering local communities.​

Our Core Values

Inspired. We feel inspired for doing good in the world.

Service. We live and breathe exceptional service. It’s in our DNA.

Authenticity. We regard cultural immersion as fundamental to the spirit of travel.

Impact. We seek to positively transform the lives of our clients, our local partners and the world.

Respect. We are founded on the principle of global unity, which transcends race, religion and country. 

Accountability. We uphold the highest standards of ethical conduct and professionalism.

Innovation. We continuously discover and create magic moments of experiential travel.

Miami Leadership Team

Molly Layman

Director of operations and experience

I have a personal connection to Cuba having lived there for a summer. My time on the island was filled with captivating, transformative experiences that indulged my curiosity and continue to inspire me today. At Cuba Candela, my job is to make sure your travels are filled with moments just like these. I love creating immersive trips that lead travelers below the surface to unparalleled cultural experiences all while positively impacting the local community. I view travel as a powerful tool to bring people together and get inspired by the connections our travelers make with the vibrant culture and people of Cuba.

Personal recommendations: Ask me about my favorite spot to spend an afternoon having a cafecito (or 3) and people-watching in Old Havana.

Local Cuba Team
"Thanks to travelers visiting from the United States, I have been able to fulfill my dreams of working in a travel agency as a dance teacher. I teach basic principles so that you can dance. Through this travel company – I achieved my biggest dream, to have my own apartment for me and my mom. It is currently being built and is almost finished."
Dedicated Team
"Through meeting with more travelers and American visitors, I have gained confidence as a musician and person. I have so much joy and pride in meeting them and sharing my music. They have also helped me to grow financially. Thanks to their help, I have been able to record and produce songs and promote my music."
Dedicated Team
"Travelers who experience and get to know the reality of this country first-hand often leave with a much more accurate idea about Cubans, and especially about how rich and immense Cuban art (in all its manifestations) is."
"Working with travelers is motivating because I want them to leave my farm understanding what I do. It is important for travelers and Cubans to share experiences and a sense of unit0y and to understand that there is no difference between us. We are all humans living in the same world. We have different cultures and can learn from one another."
Dedicated Team
"Every traveler is special and leaves a trace of themselves behind. You learn parts of his or her life, and they learn yours. Those moments I spend with travelers in my car is like traveling in time. The memories stay with me and motivate me to create more unique memories with others."
"Being a Host I have the opportunity to interact with my guests and in addition to making them feel at home, learn a little about their places of origin. It is important that travelers visit so they can know first-hand our reality, that although we lack many things, we are always willing to give and share the best we have. We have joy and an ability to reinvent ourselves."

Support for the Cuban People

With every trip, we support more than 30 Cuban entrepreneurs. Learn more about the incredible people we work with in Cuba and how travel and trips like yours have had a positive impact on them.

Social impact
Candela Culture

We take a collaborative approach to culture building. When you join Cuba Candela, you become part of the creative process of crafting an intentionally designed culture that we can all feel inspired to work within every single day. We actively choose to follow seven core credos:

  • Trust your work family
  • View problems as opportunities
  • Own your mindset
  • Find and share your light
  • Bring your full self to work
  • Empower others to contribute
  • Celebrate our successes