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Why Tour with

Cuba Candela

Peace of Mind

Your time off is valuable. We handle every detail, not leaving anything to chance. Relax and enjoy your journey (before you leave and in Cuba) knowing that all legal, logistical and safety concerns are handled seamlessly by a true Cuba destination specialist with a 5-star track record. 

Go Beyond the Ordinary

Our team leads you beyond the tourist façade to encounter the rich cultural experiences that lie below the surface. With our local expertise, dedication to personalized service and network on the island, we build trips that delight, transform and allow you to discover your own connection to Cuba. 

Personalized Experiences

We believe that every traveler is unique and should receive personalized experiences and service whether booking a Custom or Group Tour. You are at the heart of everything we do, and we promise to make the most of your trip through our process of tailoring all tours for individual travelers’ needs and values. 

The Best Value

We don’t outsource our operations which gives us full control over our costs and standard of service. We vet everything through our Cuba Candela lens, meaning we personally scout and assess the best accommodations, restaurants and experiences without relying on a third-party, passing the quality and savings directly to you.

Build Meaningful Connections

We believe in the power of travel as a tool for connection. Whether you are traveling with your family, by yourself or with a group of unfamiliar faces, all of our trips are intentionally designed to create bonds and memories that will last long after you leave the island. 

Gain New Perspectives

The beauty, vibrancy and generosity of Cuba’s culture is infectious. Through immersive experiences and authentic interactions with locals that we facilitate, you will likely leave Cuba with a refreshed world-view, a renewed sense of gratitude and inspiration for all of humanity.

Trips That Make a Difference

More than a vacation, we offer you a way to give to the local communities you visit and leave the world better than you found it. Our trips are designed to foster global unity, empower local communities and protect the environment.

Our suite of services include

Thoughtful Resources to Prepare You

A smooth and safe trip starts in the planning stage. Familiarize yourself with Cuba and feel confident that you are well prepared for your trip by reading the Travel Planning resources in our Guidebook. If you have any questions, we are just a phone call away.

Travel Documents

The Cuban travel visa is included in our Luxury Tours and is available at check-out for Standard travelers. We will mail the visa directly to you. If you prefer to pick up your visa at the airport on the day of departure, we will provide you with simple instructions to do so.

Custom Itineraries Tailored to Your Personal Interests

Our Custom Tours allow you to personalize the trip of your dreams. We combine your ultimate Cuba wish list with our local expertise and insider access to create one-of-a-kind experiences. We will even design experiences from “scratch”. Step into the workshop of a local tile maker in Havana and learn the traditions behind his work or take a boxing lesson from a world champion who can teach you about dedication and hard work, not just the proper boxing stance. There are no limits to what we can create.

WIFI Access

All of our hotels and private accommodations include WIFI access. Internet connection in Cuba has expanded and improved in recent years and is now generally reliable enough to be able to access email multiple times throughout the day. Although you have the convenience to access WIFI at your hotels, we recommend a digital detox in Cuba allowing for deeper connections with the inspiring local culture and your fellow travelers.

Air-Conditioned Transportation with Good Company

As you travel around the island, you will be professionally chauffeured in an air-conditioned private car, van or motor coach. We only hire the best local drivers, who enjoy getting to know our guests and many of whom share their own inspirational stories with our guests.

One of our drivers, David explains his relationship with our travelers, “Those moments I spend with travelers in my car is like traveling in time. The memories stay with me and motivate me to create more unique memories with others.

Unique Accommodation Portfolio

We have gone door-to-door to find the very best properties that Cuba has to offer. From your very own private luxury villa with a full staff to a beautiful, spacious and richly appointed room in a boutique hotel, we offer you the best service in the best settings.

Travel Insurance

We recommend all guests purchase travel insurance to prepare for any unexpected occurrence that may arise. Upon request, we will provide guests with travel insurance options that range from full coverage insurance to hurricane and travel medical insurance.

Best Culinary Experiences

“You will not believe me when I say the food in Cuba is amazing but it is. The tour arranged for us to have dinner at many of the best restaurants as well as local eateries.” – Jeannie C, Cuba Candela traveler.

We offer a diverse array of paladares (private restaurants) and unique culinary experiences like our interactive cooking class, rooftop dining and private chef experience. Taste the best of Cuba with food that is always fresh and made to order. 

Local Guides Trained in Personalized Service

“What made my experience so memorable was having Martha as a guide. She was a fantastic host and made every excursion, reservation and experience feel seamless.” – Sarah F., Cuba Candela traveler.

We have an extensive hiring and training process for all of our staff members in Miami and Cuba. Each hire is personally vetted before being welcomed into the Candela family.

Concierge Service

Throughout your stay, we remain at your service and can assist with anything from ballet tickets to restaurant reservations from our “secret knock” list. As you arrive at your hotel, our team will help you with your bags and welcome you to your private accommodation. Our team is always available should you have any problems during your time in the country.