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Journey to a once unreachable world of unmatched beauty with a rich culture that combines old and new – the island of Cuba.
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Group Tour
A tour with set departure dates offering a chance to meet other travelers. Choose the itinerary and dates that work for you and relax as we take care of everything.
Private Tour
A private tour for your group only with dates of your choice. Select one of our handmade private itineraries and tell us when you want to travel.
Custom Tour
A completely custom tour where our team of experienced designers work with you to create a one-of-a kind itinerary. Our specialty since inception.
You are Family
Why Cuba Candela
You are Family
Relax, indulge and connect as we take care of everything for you, from visas and transportation to unique experiences and handpicked accommodation. Safety first, always.
Why Candela
The trip came close to being a bucket-list trip, and it really wasn’t a top priority before we went. When you look at the itineraries of Cuba trip, the focus is on Havana. This wasn’t what we wanted. Instead, we wanted an introductory grand tour. We wanted to get beyond just One place. Our trip’s itinerary was built by a series of conversations. In other words, they didn’t just give us something off-the-shelf. In essence, we went from Havana to the western edge, and then from Havana to the the east, ending in Santiago de Cuba.Our guide and a driver met us at the airport and drove us to our hotel. This was an intense relief as the airport was crazy and we had custom issues. The guide was with us the entire trip. Our first driver was with us for eight days, and a second driver was with us for the remainder. The driver’s were wonderful. The vehicles were good. (I remember my parent’s cars from the fifties—modern are much nicer.)At all times, we felt welcome no matter what we did: drinks and song at someone’s home in Havana (a highlight), walking through the artist’s area and into homes in Havana, to a samba lesson, taking a standing tour in an ox-cart, to drinking just roasted and ground coffee on a farm, to visiting the Che museum/monument…well, you can see the scope of our activities.In the middle of the trip, my partner did not feel well. Our guide took her to a doctor and then to a lab for testing. They wrote down her diagnosis. It was three weeks of doctor’s visits at a prestige Boston hospital to make the same diagnosis.Finally, while we had an itinerary, we were able to make changes as needed or desired.A great trip.P.S. Our guide Kathy made the trip wonderful.
Barry K.
03:35 31 Oct 20
Cuba Candela provided outstanding advice about in-country sites and what to look out for while touring Havana. They provide onsite protection during tourist trips and excellent knowledge about Cuba’s history/culture.
Billy M.
18:18 14 Sep 20
Wonderful experience!
Rachel M.
21:03 11 Sep 20
My husband and I chose Cuba Candela for our trip to Cuba and we could not have been more pleased with the experience. Every one from Cuba Candela was so professional, attentive and nice. It made for a flawless vacation. I would recommend them to anyone who is traveling to Cuba.
Anna S.
23:55 10 Sep 20
Havana is an true treasure and our guide at Cuba Candela did a fantastic job at showing us the city. They did a great job at customizing the tour to see specific sites of interest to our group.
gary S.
13:41 10 Sep 20
Cuba Candela made my experience traveling to Cuba for the first time smooth and seamless. I felt much more comfortable having a professional company to advise me on travel and answer any questions I had. I really loved visiting different parts of Cuba with Mhai Yoga while getting such an educational experience meeting so many different, lovely Cubans! Thank you so much!
Amanda F.
13:12 10 Sep 20
Make a Positive Impact
Supporting Local Business
Make a Positive Impact
Your tour provides uplifting opportunities in the local communities of Cuba. Every tour directly supports over 30 Cuban entrepreneurs. Additionally, we donate a portion of every tour cost to humanitarian organizations like Caritas Cuba.
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