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Money In Cuba: Everything You Need To Know

March 3, 2020

As of January 1, 2021, there is no dual currency system in Cuba. Cuba uses its own currency called the Cuban Peso (CUP).

How Much Money To Bring To Cuba

Cuba is cash only. You will not be able to use an ATM, withdraw cash or use a debit or credit card in Cuba.

For those visiting Cuba without a tour operator, we suggest bringing at least $200 in cash per person for each day spent on the island. This ensures visitors have plenty of money for food, any incidental expenses and of course, souvenirs.

Cuba Candela travelers should bring at least $100 per day. It is better to plan to take more money than to get caught short of funds. You can always bring back excess cash.

Money In Cuba: Everything You Need To Know

Exchanging Money in Cuba

As of July 16, 2020, the 10% penalty for converting US Dollars to Cuban Pesos has been eliminated. The Cuban Peso has a fixed exchange rate of 24 CUP to 1 USD, therefore, you can expect to receive 24 Cuban Pesos for every US Dollar you convert.

Once you arrive in Cuba you can convert US Dollars to Cuban Pesos. We recommend exchanging your money at the airport, but you may also exchange at a Cuban bank or a CADECA (exchange bureau). Most hotels offer exchange services as well. You will need your passport to make any exchanges. You should never exchange money outside of hotels or the official CADECAs.

When you leave Cuba, convert any extra Cuban Pesos back to US Dollars. The Cuban Peso is not recognized outside of Cuba.

Navigating the Cuban currency system is not difficult. Travelers visiting with Cuba Candela are well taken care of with a host to assist you with any questions that may come up during your trip. Just follow the above guidelines and relax as you prepare for the adventure of a lifetime!

Money In Cuba: Everything You Need To Know


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