Social Impact
More than a Vacation

Social Impact

We provide guests with more than a vacation. We offer you a way to give back to the local communities you visit and leave the world better than you found it.
Our Three Areas of Impact

1. Foster Global Unity

When we recognize all the ways that we are similar and celebrate cultural differences, we can build trust and a compassionate connection to people around the world. This connection is powerful, transcending race, religion and country, fostering global unity and peace around the world.

How it works
Plan culturally rich experiences 

All of our experiences are rooted in Cuban culture and tradition designed to show you the real Cuba. 

Introduce you to the locals 

During your trip, you will meet private business owners, up-and-coming artists, seasoned chefs and neighborhood tastemakers. Getting to know the locals is often the most meaningful part of our guests’ journeys. 

Encourage cultural exchange within our company

We have built a bridge to connect our Miami team to our island team in Cuba. Through company training, weekly feedback meetings and an annual company retreat in Havana, we promote a work environment that is collaborative and respectful for all. 

A Cuban farmer that leads our Viñales experience said it best,
“It is important for travelers and Cubans to share experiences and a sense of unity, and to understand that there is no difference between us. We are all humans living in the same world. We have different cultures and can learn from one another.”

2. Empower local economies

When travel supports local businesses and individuals, it creates new jobs and financial stability for local communities. When this economic opportunity and success reaches all corners of the community, it can drastically improve quality of life in local areas, while contributing towards the elimination of poverty.

How it works
Support private businesses

Each trip directly supports 30 Cuban entrepreneurs. You will visit and shop at private businesses, eat at local restaurants and stay at hotels, all owned by the Cuban people like Maria Laura, owner of El Encanto Atelier. 

Hire Cubans for our island team

We hire Cubans and welcome them into the Candela family. All of our team members receive training, a sustainable wage above the national average and access to professional development resources.

Meet our salsa teacher, Elio who has been able to open his own private dance studio and save money to build a house since working with Cuba Candela travelers.

Donate to humanitarian organizations like Caritas Cuba

Not every part of the island receives the benefits of travel which is why we commit to doing more to elevate the country as a whole. A portion of proceeds from your trip are donated to humanitarian organizations like Caritas Cuba, an organization that provides programs for vulnerable groups in Cuban society.

“Travel outfitter that champions Cuban entrepreneurs”

3. Protect the Environment

Global warming is perhaps the greatest long-term threat to our planet. As a company committed to creating trips that will endure in the future, we have an ethical responsibility to minimize the environmental footprint of our company and our travelers.

How it works
Prepare our travelers

We never use Cuba’s lack of resources as an excuse for poor environmental practices. We have learned that educating travelers ahead of time and providing tips and resources allow guests to travel green while in Cuba. 

Partner with green suppliers

Our social impact tours include a beach clean-up activity, lessons on conserving Cuba’s expansive reefs and a visit to an organic produce farm. Travelers learn about sustainability in a country where people are resourceful and continuously innovating.

Offset our carbon footprint

Through our partnership with, an organization fighting climate change, we have learned more about sustainable travel. In 2022, our goal is to reduce our carbon footprint where possible and offset the remainder.

“…a fresh take on wandering the world to share with the next generation.”