You are family
With Cuba Candela

You are family

In addition to building trips of a lifetime, we build meaningful connections with our guests. To us, family means always trusting that you are well cared for every step of the way.


Like any family, we have our traditions. One of our favorites is how we welcome every guest on their first night in Cuba. Once you land in Havana, we whisk you away to your hotel to drop your bags before continuing to a private rooftop in the heart of Havana. Our local team, including your driver and host that will accompany you throughout your trip, is there to greet you. Enjoy a classic Cuban cocktail as you connect with your hosts and one another. This is your first taste of Cuba, savor it.

We will spoil you

Only the best for our family. We have created a proprietary review system for each of our accommodation options. If a private hotel or private home does not meet our four or five-star requirements, it will not be on your itinerary. Similarly, the restaurants that you dine in offer the best culinary experiences. From Havana to Trinidad, our restaurant options range from “hole in the wall” best-kept-secrets to famous Cuban restaurants. Testing your itinerary is something we do gladly to give you the best value possible. Ask one of our team members what makes our rum tasting special or what to expect on our themed art tour. We love sharing stories from our Cuban adventures.

We have high standards

Which is why we train and manage every member of our island team in Cuba. Most of our hosts come to us from referrals and work exclusively with Cuba Candela. Ask your host or driver to tell you a little bit about themselves, you may be surprised to discover that your driver is a lawyer or your host went to medical school. We hire incredible people who have a vested interest in delivering outstanding service.

You can count on us

New destinations bring excitement, anticipation and an understandable level of uncertainty. If anything goes wrong, you can count on us. If you lose your wallet or passport, for example – this happened to one of our travelers on her way to the airport. Her Cuba Candela host remained calm, took the guests back to the hotel and used her local connections to form an impromptu search party. Going door to door, they quickly found the items, which had been picked up off the street by a good Samaritan who dropped them off at a neighboring house. The wallet and passport had fallen as our guest was getting in the car. Whether you lose a personal item, forget to pack water for a walking tour or get caught in an unexpected summer rain shower, we will be there to take care of you.

Connected by Candela

In Spanish, candela means “flame” or “candle,” but in Cuba, it is a slang term also used to describe something with energy, passion and charisma. Candela travelers are respectful of other cultures with a desire to learn more about what unites us than makes us different. We are fueled by curiosity to discover new places from a local’s perspective. We seek transformative experiences that open our minds to new ideas and possibilities. We care about our impact on local communities and leaving a positive footprint throughout our journeys. Whether you go on a Group Tour or Custom Trip, our Candela connects us even after we leave the island and burns brighter when we are together.

"Our local guide was incredibly knowledgeable, personable and punctual! He was always willing to go the extra mile. Our father and son private drivers treated us like, and even called us, family.”
Shankar I.