1. Is travel to Cuba legal?

Yes! Travel to Cuba is still legal under the “Support for the Cuban People” travel authorization. We take care of required documents including the visa.

Visit “U.S.-Cuba Travel Rules” to learn more.

2. How do I obtain a visa?

The visa for Luxury Tours is included in our service. We mail it directly to you prior to the trip. Nothing is required in advance. Standard Tour clients may purchase the visa from us as an add-on service during the online checkout process, or at the airport upon check-in. Learn more.

3. Is travel to Cuba safe?

Yes! Cuba is one of the safest countries in the world to visit. A March 2018 study showed that of nearly 500 U.S. travelers who visited Cuba in 2017 and 2018, 99% felt safe or very safe while in Cuba. Less than 1% felt unsafe and zero respondents felt very unsafe.

Visit “Safety First” for more information.

4. Can I fly to Cuba?

Yes, you may book your flight to Cuba directly with your preferred airline, just as you would to any other destination in the world. Major airlines including American Airlines, JetBlue, Southwest Airlines, Delta, and United, fly nonstop from the United States to Havana.

When purchasing a flight online, you must select a “purpose for travel” before booking. Most travelers should select “Support for the Cuban People” as the travel purpose.

Commercial flights do not provide service to cities outside of Havana.

Read our blog “How To Get To Cuba” for more information.

5. How do I book a tour with Cuba Candela?

Booking a tour with Cuba Candela has never been easier. Simply browse our tour options for the trip that fits your travel preferences best and click “Book Now” to purchase your trip online through the tour page.

6. What are Cuba Candela’s 3 ways to travel?

Cuba Candela offers 3 types of tours to Cuba: Group Tours, Private Tours and Custom Tours.

Group Tours are open sign up, have set departure dates and offer a chance to meet other travelers during your time on the island.

Private Tours are for your group only with dates of your choice. You select one of our handmade private itineraries and tell us when you want to travel.

Custom Tours are highly curated, totally unique trips to Cuba. Our team of experienced designers work with you to customize a one-of-a-kind itinerary. Our Custom Tours have been a Cuba Candela specialty since our founding.

Learn more here.

7. What is the difference between a Standard Tour and a Luxury Tour?

A Standard Tour includes 4-star accommodation, two meals per day, standard activities (some may be shared with a group) and does not include the visa. A Luxury Tour includes 5-star accommodation, three meals per day, exclusive activities and the Cuba travel visa.

8. What exactly is a Group Tour?

A Group Tour is the best way to travel to Cuba if you are traveling on your own, with a friend or looking for the most affordable trip option. It’s the same rich cultural immersion experience, but shared with a small group of curious, like-minded travelers. Cuba draws a wide variety of travelers, so your group may include a mix of different ages, genders and races.

9. Is Cuba a family-friendly destination?

Absolutely, and families are some of our most frequent clients. Our team has consulted with family travel specialists to understand the ins and outs of what goes into a great family vacation. We know when your family is on vacation, time is precious. That’s why we’ve curated a variety of special Family Tours that fit the needs of a variety of age groups. Check out our family tours here.

10. Are Cuba Candela Itineraries set in stone?

No, all of our Cuba Candela tours can be customized by booking the Custom Tour option. When you book a Custom Tour, any itinerary can be adapted to fit your unique interests, needs and travel styles.

11. Does Cuba Candela work with travelers outside the U.S.?

Absolutely. We are experienced in providing excellent service to travelers from many countries and are happy to work with you to build your dream Cuba trip no matter where you are coming from.

12. How far in advance should I book my trip to Cuba?

When it comes to Cuba, the earlier you book, the better your experience! The best accommodation in Cuba is limited, so booking early ensures that you get the best of what is available. For December, March and all holiday weekends, guests should book 3-6 months prior to travel. For any other time of year, 2-3 months is typically sufficient.

13. When is the best time of year to visit Cuba?

There is no bad time to visit Cuba. Peak season is December through March, when the Caribbean weather is irresistible. Prices are higher and reservations require more advance planning.

November, April and May are great months to visit as well, with less tourists and more lodging options. Temperatures rise in June, July and August, but August evening lows of 75 degrees on average are still excellent. September and October are low season.

We strongly recommend travel insurance year-round, but especially in June – October to allow for a full refund in case of a mistimed hurricane.

14. How long should I spend in Cuba?

Our most popular tour length of stay is 5 days (4 nights.) We also offer a variety of 4, 7 and 10-day trips. A 4-day trip allows clients to see Havana. With a 5-day trip, a daytrip to the wonderful countryside in Viñales is possible. A 7-day trip allows clients to venture to two additional cities, Cienfuegos and Trinidad, for an overnight excursion.

You can customize your length of stay for any Cuba Candela tour by booking the Tailor-Made package. Simply choose the tour you’re interested in, and select the Tailor-Made option when checking out. This will allow you to lengthen or shorten the number of days for your tour of choice. This is a popular option for travelers who would like to add Cienfuegos and Trinidad to their tour.

15. What places will I be able to visit when traveling with Cuba Candela?

The most popular destinations that our guests visit are Havana, Viñales, Trinidad and Cienfuegos. Our tours are completely customizable and may be adapted to meet the needs of any traveler wishing to visit other parts of the island.

Read our blog on “Cuba: Where To Go And For How Long” to learn more.

16. Can I spend multiple days at the beach in Cuba?

No. The U.S. travel restrictions prohibit excessive recreation time (“beach time”) in Cuba. Beach resort trips are not allowed yet. We can include a half-day at the beach as part of a cultural excursion. Cultural trips are legal and are the magic of Cuba.

17. Can I go diving, fishing or snorkeling in Cuba?

Yes, however, access is complicated and requires approvals. We provide access to these experiences on our Outdoor Adventure Tour, which you can check out here.

18. Will I have access to WIFI in Cuba?

WIFI is available in Cuba and continues to improve on the island. You can find WIFI in local parks, hotels, private homes and villas and other public WIFI hotspots.

Read our blog “How to Connect to the Internet in Cuba” to learn more.

19. Should I get vaccinations (Typhoid or Hepatitis A) before Cuba?

The CDC recommends that “most travelers” visiting Cuba get Typhoid and Hepatitis A vaccines, due to possible exposure through “contaminated food or water”. We have never heard of any traveler having an issue with Typhoid or Hepatitis A in Cuba, and it may be that these problems occur in areas away from the tourist infrastructure. In our experience, the majority of “tourist” travelers visiting Cuba decide not to get these vaccines. The sanitary conditions of the accommodation you will be staying at as well as the restaurants we are booking for you are of a much higher standard than average for the country.

We always suggest that travelers only drink bottled water, which will be readily available at the hotel & restaurants as well as accessible for purchase with the help of our team throughout the trip. This is a preventative measure that helps our travelers stay as healthy as possible. Remember to take normal sanitary precautions like washing hands regularly and especially before meals.

20. Why travel with Cuba Candela?

Cuba Candela is the #1 most trusted provider of travel to Cuba. We are experts in Cuba travel, ensuring that all of our trips are fully compliant with the latest U.S. travel rules. No detail goes overlooked and no experience falls through the cracks.

We are the first Cuba travel company with a public, unfiltered review system. We take full accountability for every moment you spend in Cuba and take pride in providing excellent service at all times.

Visit “Why Candela” to learn more about why you should trust us to build the trip of your dreams.

21. What is included in a trip with Cuba Candela?

We take care of everything from the moment you land until the moment you leave in Cuba. Our Standard and Luxury Tours both include accommodation, private transportation, a bi-lingual guide, a thoughtfully curated itinerary to show you the authentic Cuba, immersive activities, reservations at Cuba’s best restaurants and more.

Beyond just the logistics, every Cuba Candela tour focuses on exceptional and meaningful cultural experiences. Each tour directly supports more than 30 Cuban entrepreneurs, giving additional meaning and depth to the experience. Sometimes, tears are shed at the airport on the last day.

Read reviews from past guests or take a look at our “3 Ways to Travel” page for more information.

22. What accommodation does Cuba Candela provide?

Our collection ranges from four-star private homes to five-star luxury boutique hotels. Learn more about our unique collection of stays and the stories they tell on our Best Hotels in Cuba page.

23. What kind of transportation do you provide?

We provide all transportation from the moment you land, until the moment you leave (airport pick-ups, drop-offs and all transfers included) in an air-conditioned private car with a professional driver. You will have the same driver for the duration of your trip. Many clients form bonds and friendships with their driver.

24. Are meals included in the price?

We include all meals for Luxury Tours, and two meals per day for Standard Tours. We provide you with cash in Cuba and you order directly from the menu. No prepaid meals or fixed menus; Cuba has a blossoming culinary scene, and we give you the freedom to immerse yourself in it by booking your group the best restaurants and allowing you to order whatever you desire.

25. Are there group size limitations?

Our Group Tours accommodate a maximum of 14 travelers. Private and Custom Tours do not have group size limitations and range from solo travelers to groups of 100+.

26. How do I pay for a Cuba Candela tour?

You only need a $99 deposit to book a trip with Cuba Candela and secure your dates. One month after the initial deposit, 35% of your payment is due. The final payment is due 30 days prior to travel. You can pay for your trip with a U.S. credit or debit card.

27. Can I volunteer in Cuba?

We love hearing that travelers are looking to make an impact during their time on the island. With every trip, our travelers directly support more than 30+ entrepreneurs.

The best way to volunteer in Cuba is through our Social Impact Tour. This tour features a mixture of classic Cuba and social impact activities that immerse travelers into the local community and offer some volunteering opportunities, such as a beach cleanup.

At Cuba Candela we seek to amplify responsible tourism practices. Travelers should be glad to know that no matter what tour they select, it creates a positive local impact on the island.

28. What should I know before traveling to Cuba?

Read our Guidebook for travel tips and inspiration.

29. What’s your cancellation policy?

A client may cancel their trip for any reason 30 days prior to departure with no penalty. They will receive a full refund on their deposit.

30. What do I need to know about travel to Cuba and COVID-19?

During this time of concern and confusion caused by the emergence of coronavirus, we are monitoring this situation closely and provide all necessary information on our routinely updated COVID-19 and Cuba Updates page.