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Guest Reviews
“A unique experience and every part immersive as you can get. Learning about this incredible city and its people was a true adventure. This is not your average tour by any means. Prepare to be stimulated mind, body, and spirit by this outstanding journey through the very heart of Havana, Cuba! Thank you, Cuba Candela for sharing the seen & hidden beauty of this captivating city!”
Lora R.
“Cuba Candela offered me the absolute best trip of my entire life!”
Madison F.
“Visiting Cuba had always been on my bucket list and choosing Cuba Candela to make it a reality was the BEST choice ever! From the minute we started the process, we received incredible VIP treatment and every detail was taken care of for us. Cuba Candela made sure to understand what it was we wanted our experience to be, they listened to our preferences or likes and found out everything that was needed to insure this would be an experience to cherish forever. From the welcome at the airport by Albert, our driver to the special attention given by our wonderful and knowledgeable guide Fernando every day, the choices of extremely well planned activities, the magnificent setting of our private small but luxurious family owned hotel, we were surrounded during our entire stay with culture, beauty, nature, history and the incredible spirit and hospitality of the Cuban people! I have never felt so safe, welcomed and happy in a foreign place (and I have traveled all over the world!)."
Ghislaine R.
Featured Travel Story

“As soon as I flew through Customs, my Cuban adventure started. It was exciting and practically nonstop FUN. My host was super hip and knowledgeable about all of the cool, off-the-beaten path areas.

I asked Cuban Candela (CC) that I not look like a tourist–and my host ensured that I blended right in. It felt as if Cuba embraced me with the warmest of hugs. I dragged a suitcase full of school supplies and chocolate. EVERYONE that I met 100% appreciated my offerings, because my host made sure that I met educators and craftsmen who could utilize the supplies. That meant the WORLD to me. And kids of all ages appreciated the chocolates!

The weather was warm & humid–my kind of weather–the foliage was vibrant and the food was extremely healthy and good. Even though I had a driver, my host made sure we walked and saw virtually every nook & cranny of Habana. I learned about the different town squares & parks where folks gathered. I gawked at the 1950s cars interspersed with the horse-driven buggies, bicycles AND ELECTRIC motorcycles that seemed to be everywhere.

I TOTALLY enjoyed Elio’s excellent teaching skills as he was teaching me Salsa during a morning and afternoon session. I couldn’t bear to go to a club later that evening–it started at 11pm. That’s just way too late for me!! The 8pm dinners and night life were about the only aspects of Cuban life I didn’t immediately embrace.

We went to Trinidad and politely honked at the oxen and cows that leisurely crossed the road to get to more grazing areas. I observed coffee being naturally ground by Rosa & her husband up in the mountains. And I got a chance to taste some mountain-grown coffee–I became a true believer!! I even bought some of that heavenly coffee!! And I rarely drink coffee!!! (It was THAT good).

On the day I hiked to see some waterfalls in Trinidad, I’m sure I sweated 10 pounds taking the host’s ‘shortcut’ out of the mountainside to return back to the car. That ‘shortcut’ was more narrow and the stairs were much steeper. I embraced every colorful Cuban word on the way back up, too!!!

My host regaled me with all kinds of humorous tales of her adventures my last evening in Trinidad. We had hung out at the beach for about an hour before the heavens opened up. But afterwards, I went to yet another intriguing dinner spot and was serenaded by the most handsome band leader. Afterwards, I met back up with my host and we walked to this salsa club in a cave (it was closed). We then walked to an open salsa club where the music was POPPIN’. I had an absolute blast.

While I only spent 5 days in Cuba, it feels like I was there for longer, because CC made sure that I was ALWAYS doing something with my time. When I was tired, I’d apologize for choosing not to go back out to enjoy drinks at sunset or go dance at 11pm. My host always reminded me that I should never apologize, because this was MY vacation that I should fully enjoy. And, yes, I fully enjoyed myself. CC works with some really great people. And THAT’S what made all the difference.

I highly recommend CC.” 

Priscilla B.