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How To Connect To The Internet In Cuba

May 5, 2020

WIFI is available in Cuba and continues to improve on the island. You can find WIFI in local parks, hotels, private homes and villas and other public WIFI hotspots. If you are having trouble locating a WIFI hotspot, ask your Cuba Candela guide/host or a local.

How To Connect To The Internet In Cuba
Streets of Havana

All hotels have WIFI access. If you are staying at a hotel or private home with WIFI, access is typically included free of charge for guests. If you are staying at a private home without WIFI, or if you wish to connect to WIFI at some point away from your hotel, you must purchase a NAUTA internet card. These cards are available for purchase at hotel business centers, casa particulares, businesses near WIFI hotspots and ETESCA offices (Cuba’s state telecommunications provider). Internet rates vary between $1 and $5 per hour.

To access the internet, go to Settings on your device and turn on the WIFI. Click on the network, and enter the username and scratch-off code located on the back of the internet card. You may reuse internet cards if you do not use the allotted time.

Internet connection in Cuba has expanded and improved in recent years and is now generally reliable enough to be able to access email multiple times throughout the day. Travelers often view the ability to disconnect in Cuba as one of the magical parts of the island, allowing deeper connections with fellow travelers. Enjoy your Cuban experience fully by taking the opportunity to disconnect from the internet and enjoy a break from the constant stream of social media, emails and news that we have become accustomed to in the developed world.


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