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Three Ways to Support the Cuban People

July 26, 2021

Supporting the Cuban people has always been at the core of what we do. Through education, donations and travel that uplifts local communities, we invite you to join in our support for the Cuban people.

Stay Informed

One of the best ways to support Cuba is to learn about current events and daily life from those living on the island. Follow Cuban artists and entrepreneurs such as @dadorhavana, @clandestina99, @pauzamusic and @reglasoulcuba or accounts that are amplifying Cuban voices like, @cubareporter and @startupcuba to stay informed.


A portion of every trip with Cuba Candela is donated to humanitarian organizations like Caritas Cuba, an organization that provides programs for vulnerable groups in Cuban society. We encourage you to donate personally to organizations that provide medical supplies, hygiene products and food to people living in Cuba.

Below are a few of the many organizations you can donate to:

Support the Cuban People through Travel

At Cuba Candela, we only work with the private sector in Cuba and every trip directly supports more than 30 Cuban entrepreneurs.

A Cuban musician that we work with explained how travelers have helped him pursue his passion:

“Through meeting with more travelers and American visitors, I have gained confidence as a musician and person. I have so much joy and pride in meeting travelers and sharing my music with them. They have also helped me to grow financially. Thanks to their help, I have been able to record and produce songs and promote my music.”
Cuban Musician

In addition to supporting over 30 Cuban entrepreneurs with each trip, our tours are designed to foster global connections through immersive experiences with locals. The compassionate connections that form among travelers and the Cuban people are powerful and open the hearts and minds of our travelers.

“The level of contact we were provided with everyday Cuban people, their lives, and their history was profound and rewarding.”
Robert M.


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