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Family Travel

August 31, 2018

Cuba is an exotic, enigmatic and adventure-packed island in the sun. Just an hour away from the coast of South Florida, travelers can find an inviting and mesmerizing country, filled with 9 world heritage sites, incredibly diverse and captivating landscapes, historical landmarks, a vibrant island culture and some of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet. Families will find The Pearl of the Caribbean (as it was once known) to be the perfect destination when looking for an immersive experience that emphasizes quality time together and cultural exploration.

Family Travel

The Caribbean gem is a digital detox paradise for the whole family. Though WiFi has improved significantly on the island, mobile phones still do not have internet, allowing parents and children to put their phones away and be fully present in each other’s company throughout their time on the island. The digital detox, coupled with island vibes, unique experiences, and the thought-provoking nature of Cuba often lead to deep discussions on shared values and family bonding, free from distractions to be present, captivated and exploring together.

Cuba was bestowed the Excelencia Award for “Safest Country” to travel in, at the famous International Tourism Fair this year in Madrid. Travelers report feeling invited and welcomed during their stay. In fact, the essence of “cubaneo;” meaning “to be Cuban” is to make guests feel at home in Cuba.

Family Travel

The island offers traveling families everything from historic city streets, with beautifully ornate architectural landmarks to impressive waterfalls and mountain summits in the countryside. Children of all ages can enjoy a ride in a classic convertible exploring the city’s neighborhoods. Cruising down the historic Malecón, past the renowned Hotel Nacional, families can admire the impressive ocean views. Catch a local baseball game, take a family salsa lesson, or teach the kids about local flavors with an immersive cooking class.

These experiences are great for multi-generational families of all ages, from young children to grandparents, in groups as small as 2 or as large as 15. As one Cuba Candela traveler put it: “15 family members just got back from our trip to Cuba. The food was excellent. Everyone enjoyed the car tour. The Tropicana was a lot of fun. I think everyone got something out of the adventure.

Travelers can also visit the heart of tobacco country, riding horseback through the Viñales Valley taking in the surreal landscape. Here, travelers can learn about the history of tobacco making and roll their very own Cuban cigar while children of all ages can visit a family owned farm or finca, wherea father and his daughters have embraced traditional methods of agriculture, successfully growing beautiful crops in what was once infertile land. An incomparable organic farm-to-table experience, the finca also serves up a plethora of food, from succulent roast pork, to soulful country soups, and ripe colorful vegetables, all grown and raised on the property.

Family Travel

The island has a deep-rooted sense of community. Laughter and music emanate from open doors and windows, where a quick glance reveals multi-generational neighbors, families and friends consumed in lively conversation, often over coffee and perhaps with a friendly game of dominoes. Cubans are caring, resourceful, helpful and funny people. These values create a lasting impression and impart our children with gratitude, understanding and appreciation, for the Cuban people, humanity, themselves, their family and their friends.

A trip to Cuba, highlights the things that truly matter in life: spending quality time with loved ones, laughing, exploring and making memories together. With so much history, unique and magical landscapes, captivating adventures and an incredibly welcoming island culture, this otherworldly destination is a perfect year-round getaway for the entire family.

Family Travel

“Cuba was an amazing experience for the whole family,” said one Cuba Candela traveler who visited this past June. “The house was gorgeous and very well located, service couldn’t be better and the organization was impeccable. The transportation, private guides, the meetings with the local people and families and the restaurants were excellent.”


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