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Tipping In Cuba

March 24, 2020

Cubans work very hard to make travelers happy and ensure that their time on the island is a relaxing and enjoyable experience. Cubans spend time preparing meals, keeping accommodations clean and getting travelers from one destination to another safely and in a timely manner. A great way to show appreciation on the island is through tipping.

Places in Cuba as well as the local people happily accept and often prefer tips in USD, but it is perfectly acceptable to tip in Cuban Pesos (CUP) as well. Please note it is important to bring smaller USD bills for tipping, so come prepared with some $1 and $5 bills if you would like to tip in USD rather than Cuban Pesos.

Although we encourage travelers to use their own discernment in rewarding service excellence, please use the following recommendations to guide you on proper tipping etiquette in Cuba.

Tipping In Cuba
Cuba Candela drivers get clients where they need to go safely and in a timely manner.
Tipping Hotel Staff in Cuba

We recommend tipping $1 – 3 USD or 200 – 400 CUP (Cuban Pesos) for hotel staff who carry your bags to your room and $5-10 or 1,000 CUP per trip for cleaning crews in your room provide exceptional service. The same is true at casa particulares (private homes).

How Much to Tip at Restaurants in Cuba

Cubans have mastered the art of creating flavorful meals from simple and fresh ingredients. When dining out in Cuba, make sure to show your appreciation for the chef and waiters by tipping 10% of the bill. Note that some restaurants will automatically include a service charge of 10%, and in this case, it would not be necessary to tip an additional 10%. It is always courteous and acceptable to leave a bit of the change you receive, anywhere from 200 CUP – 1000 CUP depending on the bill and group size.

Tipping In Cuba
CUBA CANDELA offers a cooking class where travelers learn from seasoned chefs and cook tradition Cuban cuisine.
Tipping Bus Drivers in Cuba

Professional bus drivers have your safety as their primary concern. Gazing out the windows, you can take in the marvelous sights of Cuba knowing you are well taken care of. We recommend tipping your bus driver $1 – 3 USD or 200 – 400 CUP per day.

Tipping Private Taxi Drivers in Cuba

Guests are welcome to tip private taxi drivers on a discretionary basis. A tip is not expected, but $5 per person total for smaller groups (1-4) and $10 per person total for larger groups (4+) total would be courteous. Tips to the driver can be made at the end of the trip, since you will have the same driver for your whole stay.

Recommendations for Tipping Tour Guides in Cuba

Bilingual Cuban tour guides show clients the best of Cuba, taking travelers off the beaten path and providing authentic experiences. Guests often find themselves developing meaningful relationships with their local hosts. Tipping is a great way to show your appreciation for outstanding service. We recommend $5-10 USD per person per day, or 1000 Cuban pesos per person per day.

Tipping In Cuba
Tipping Other Local Individuals in Cuba

Throughout your stay, you will encounter numerous experience providers at salsa lessons, rum tastings, cooking classes and more. Although it is not necessary to tip each of these individuals, you are welcome to show your appreciation of their service through tipping on a discretionary basis.


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