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Spring In Cuba

January 28, 2020

One thing’s for sure, winter won’t last forever. Before you know it, spring is upon us with its lovely mild weather and blooming flowers. By the time spring break rolls around, busy families and individuals are ready to escape their demanding work and school schedules. Cuba is perfect for spring break travelers seeking to broaden their horizons and experience a wealth of culture. The island offers up a plethora of things to see and an array of immersive activities that everyone in the family will enjoy.

Spring In Cuba
The capital city of Havana stretches beyond the iconic streets of Old Havana. Neighborhoods a few miles outside of the city center are just as vibrant and lively.

Positioned just 90 miles south of Key West, Cuba is just a short plane ride away for most U.S. travelers. And its proximity makes Cuba very accessible as an international spring break destination. Cuba provides the perfect getaway for multi-generational families and couples to unplug from their hectic lives and connect with one another. Immersed in the island magic, and with the temperature rising, all worries melt away.

Spring In Cuba
Waves crash along the historic Malecón of Havana, which traces the city’s coast stretches for more than five miles.

Though WIFI has significantly improved on the island and is now reliable, travelers wishing to fully unplug from constant calls, texts and emails can enjoy a true “digital detox.” Appreciate the purity of the moment as you witness the mogotes in Viñales for the first time or walk the historic streets of Old Havana fully present and free from digital interruptions.

Spring In Cuba
Old Town Square in the heart of Havana is the perfect place to people watch. Witness local domino matches played by longtime friends or listen to street performers seducing travelers with their Caribbean rhythms.

Cuba is truly one of the most vibrant and captivating countries in the world, with a very distinct history, nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites and stunning natural wonders to explore across 3,570 miles of Caribbean coastline. The island is a smorgasbord of culture and enthralling experiences. Here’s a taste of some of the best things to do when visiting Cuba:

Classic nostalgia – cruise around in a vintage convertible

Tens of thousands of classic cars roam the island of Cuba. These vintage beauties allow travelers to experience the 500-year-old city of Havana from a unique perspective. Kids, young and old, will love cruising the historic streets in a bright red ’57 Ford convertible. Peering out of the windowless backseat, you can watch the vibrantly colored architecture race by as you zip along the streets of Havana. Feel the cool and salty island breeze and get lost in this magical world.

Spring In Cuba
Candy colored vintage cars roam the island. They have become an unofficial symbol of Cuba.

Taste the flavors of Cuba – cook and dine with Cuban experts

There is a false myth that Cuba lacks good food. Nothing is further from the truth. Cuban’s have mastered the art of making delectable culinary dishes with local ingredients. Our private cooking experience allows travelers to learn about traditional Cuban dishes such as ropa vieja, a savory plate of shredded beef marinated in tomato sauce, garlic and other spices.

Spring In Cuba
One of the best ways to immerse yourself in a different culture is by exploring the local food. Diversify your palette and learn about the island’s unique flavors as you indulge in Cuban cuisine.

Our cooking class begins with a tour of the garden,  which is filled with local and organic produce. Here travelers pick some of the herbs, vegetables and fruits that they will go on to cook. Get ready for some quality time in the kitchen as you work together to prepare your own lunch, assisted by seasoned chefs.

Good spirits – indulge in an exclusive rum tasting

Cuban rum dates back to the 17th Century. Its long history combined with 50 years of import restrictions between the US and Cuba have increased its desirability among Americans. Adult family members and couples visiting the island can savor the forbidden nectar while learning about the intricacies of rum making in Cuba.

Did you know that the Caribbean climate is the ultimate breeding ground for rum’s main ingredient – sugar cane? Or that the barrels in which some Cuban rums age are made from trees harvested in the United States? Enjoy a glass of Ron Cubay Anejo Suave from a rooftop overlooking Old Havana and discover the secrets to this 400-year-old delicacy.

Spring In Cuba
For hundreds of years, Cuba has produced some of the finest rum in the world. The best way to savor this delicacy? Pair with a Cuban cigar and good company.

The rhythm is going to get you – Cuban dance lesson

Dance and music are woven into Cuban culture. They are diverse in style and origin with influences from Africa, the Americas, and Europe. Before you embrace the iconic Havana nights, enjoy a private salsa lesson taught by a Cuban dance professional. Even the shyest dancers highlight the salsa experience as one of their favorite moments of the trip. In just one hour, you will know the basic steps to join the locals on the dance floor. Loosen up and embrace the culture as you dance the night away.

Get in the ring – boxing in Cuba

Did you know that Cuba has won more Olympic gold medals in boxing than any other country since 1959?

To this day, boxing continues to bring Cubans together as neighborhood gyms teach locals the art of the sport. A boxing experience with Cuba Candela allows travelers to experience this tradition. Meet world champions and young boxers from the neighborhood gyms in Havana and test out your newly acquired skills in the ring.

Breathtaking coastlines – visit a local beach

No trip to Cuba in the spring is complete without a stop at one of Cuba’s countless beaches. Travelers can sink their toes in the powdery sand as they witness Cuba’s natural beauty first hand and learn about the island’s ecological wonders. Cuba’s stunning coastlines offer romantic views unlike any other in the world. Ask us how to include a legal stop at one of Cuba’s beautiful beaches on your custom itinerary.

Cuba boasts warm weather year-round, but spring is well-positioned in the dry season which lasts January to April. Spring also experiences milder temperatures than summer months, with average temperatures ranging from 66-80℉ (19-27℃). Floppy hats and tropical attire paired with comfy walking shoes and a coat of sunscreen will serve you well on your spring trip to the magical island in the sun.


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